I learned early in the life the value of a teammate. After all, having a twin sister and brother a year younger, you quickly learn to earn and keep support.

All these years later, I still find myself doing that - although these days it's more than just my brother and sister, and the stakes are higher.

What I do now in all the different ways campaigns do, is to create and maintain that support. Whether its pitching events to reporters, taking the time to do my research so I'm what I'm talking about, or even just making sure the lawn signs are placed just so, it all comes back to relationships.

I've done a lot of different jobs while working on campaigns. Most have been fun, some downright strange, but I've learned from all of them that have become a part of how I work. Some of those lessons include:

- On a campaign, there's two things its never too early for: a cup of coffee and working hard. Both are equally appreciated by the higher-ups.

- Excuses, like campaign literature, come in droves during crunch time. Don't be one of the pieces of literature that gets thrown away - be the volunteer showing up at the door making a difference.

- It doesn't matter who gets the credit - as long as the job gets done right, we all end up winning on Election Day.

I'm eager to learn more and help more great candidates get elected to make our great country even greater and I love making new relationships. Reach out if you want to talk politics, talk campaigns, or talk Trojan football.